Mountain Lodge


Company Description

A small and cozy hotel and spa with 10 rooms and 28 beds. The hosts highest priority is the comfort and well-being of the guests. There is also a restaurant and spa in the hotel. Furthermore lots of outdoor activities are offered.


  • Reception: Taking and handling reservations, check-in and check-out, booking of transfers and activities for the guests, working with hotel computer programme, excell and word
  • Restaurant and bar: service for breakfast and dinner, preparation of drinks and coffees, inventory of bar and wines.
  • Spa: massages and therapies, intern has the option to generate a programme according to his/her specialities
  • Kitchen: aid to chef, all kinds of prepratory work, inventory, working with suppliers


Working hours from 07:30 am to 17:30 pm or from 15:00 pm to 24:00 pm. Shifts change weekly. 6 days of work and 1 day off. And if there is availability in low season, it is recommended to travel to get to know the surroundings or to do sports in the area, such as snowboarding, mountain biking or climbing.


  • Accommodation and food, work uniform and tipps (aprox. 100.000 CLP per month)
  • Excellent opportunity to learn Spanish


  • Good presentation
  • Full availabiltiy
  • Enjoying to work and to support