Marketing in Santiago


Company Description

Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, renting of office spaces


  • 1. Write and publish one blog daily, in Spanish and English
  • 2. Publish price changes and promotions, courses and events on the website, in facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ASECH, Chambers, Municipalities, etc.
  • 3. Prepare information for digital media, written and audiovisual.
  • 4. Write a script for promotional videos and make videos with virtual tools.
  • 5. Organize fair presentation; brochures, pens, deliverables. Participate in fairs informing clients, distribute brochures and information and create networks.
  • 6. Organize events, fairs, courses, seminars, etc.


22 hours weekly


150.000 CLP


  • Minimum age: 22
  • Minimum duration: 3 months
  • Good knowledge in Spanish and English
  • Passion for technology and Social Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Meetup, YouTube)
  • Passion for writing
  • Good knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Customer-friendly and interested in selling our services