Market research & Consulting


Company Description

The boutique consulting firm provides a wide range of services to foreign companies interested in doing business in Latin America. They are specialized in assisting foreign companies in their quest to expand their international business, in terms of exports and investments in 7 countries in Middle- and Southamerica and are able to provide ample coverage of the region and be at the forefront of opportunities. Their team of experienced multinational professionals delivers high quality work, establishes solid and lasting relationships and constantly works as an integrated member of their client’s team to achieve success.


  • Advising foreign companies on entering specific markets
  • Advising on and explaining any potential barriers to market entry for the partners’ goods and/or services.
  • Advising companies on subsidies and financial opportunities available to foreign companies in the markets.
  • Working closely the United States among other government entities to assist their companies in increasing exports to Chile and Peru.


Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm


  • 70.000 CLP monthly
  • (for e.g. Transport, collation, salary, etc.)


  • High level of Spanish and English
  • Report writing experience
  • Analysis experience
  • Initiative and ability to work independently
  • Communication skills
  • Minimum 3 months (preferably 6 months or longer)