Consultant dedicated to social projects


Company Description

Consultant dedicated to social projects to improve organizational competitiveness from a focus on managing social impacts and combating poverty.


  • Update homepage and social networks
  • Develop research and publications
  • Systematize information and resources connected to responsibility and social innovation
  • Elaborate work and financial proposals
  • Design and realize initiatives and consulting projects in the area of responsibility and social innovation
  • Prepare courses and workshops
  • Edit and distribute of digital communications


8 hours per day


50.000 CLP




  • Bilingual Spanish-English.
  • Capacity to communicate and investigate within the area of international relations, preferably with experience with similar work.
  • Interest in and knowledge of responsibility and social innovation.
  • Handling of office tools and good computer skills in general.
  • Empathy and the capacity for team work.
  • Responsible, proactive and entrepreneurial.
  • Capacity of rapid problem solution.
  • Flexibility.