Comfortable guest house


Company Description

This cozy hostel is an old colonial house, located in the center of the small Pacific town of La Serena (about 150,000 inhabitants) and has been open since August 2002. The hostel has 16 rooms, a breakfast and a lounge room. The team consists of seven Chilean employees, two interns and the managing director from Venezuela.


  • Processing of booking enquiries via email and telephone; multilingual
  • Check-in/Check-out, booking of excursions, temporary help in the kitchen
  • Customer support (various nationalities: Chileans and foreigners)
  • Creative help with improvements, and possibly planning of new projects


  • Flexible working hours, by arrangement (+ / - 6 hours a day), 6-day week
  • Entitlement to leave 1 week every 3 months internship (negotiable)


100.000 CLP


  • Free accommodation (small flat with other intern), food and
  • Internet
  • Insights into the structure of a small business and a good-humoured team


  • Preferably from the hotel or tourism industry (studies, work, jobs, etc ....)
  • Good English skills and a satisfactory knowledge of Spanish.
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, Internet ...)
  • Driving license
  • "Animal loving"
  • Interest in Business management, sense for business
  • Enjoy working with different people (guests, employees ...)
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Transparency, Teamwork
  • Cautiousness and responsibility
  • Positive attitude
  • Organizational skills