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Children's Home


Company Description

The Shelter was established within a voluntary community project, in a socially problematic sector of Santiago. Currently it houses 53 children and teenager of different groups (with mild to severe degrees of disabilities). They all stem from families of minimal economic resources and are often discriminated in social spaces. The aim of the project is these children’s integration into health and education sectors, as well as working with their families. It is a non-profit organization that operates only through donations and some government subsidies. It is self-managed by the inhabitants of the district, most of its staff also stemming from there.


  • Stimulation through occupational therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Basic nursing care (washing, giving food, changing diapers, bathing etc.)
  • Introduce them to the arts, music therapy etc…




Accommodation in a family in the community (simple conditions), meals at the Centre (breakfast, lunch and tea).


The institution represents a sector of the Chilean society that is not known by many of its own members. It is deeply rooted in the community philosophy of liberation theology. The voluntary should be open to very different realities that reflect of the part of the society that is most excluded in terms of economic development. It is also a meeting place for different social sectors through solidarity and voluntary work of Chileans from different socioeconomic status, which usually gives the chance to see the complex structure of the society. It is very important that volunteers come without prejudices and open towards management models they are not used to. The experience of working in this center resembles the Exposure and Dialogue programs that offer active membership in different social realities, especially, if the voluntary choses to live in the area.