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Boutique Hostel in Providencia


Company Description

It is a boutique guesthouse and a small coffee shop in a former Franciscan convent in the district of Providencia. The ancient house offers a cozy place with a good flow of people (Chilean such as foreign clients). In the small shop they sell all kinds of decorative accessories, baby and adult clothing and cosmetics.


  • Attend to customer needs at the store and the café of the hostel. Total responsibility for the customer support, sales and store presentation. The administration will be observed by the owner.
  • Sales, decoration and organization are the general tasks within this internship placement.


11:30 am to 8:00 pm with one hour lunch break


We offer the interns a 20% of the sales profits per month.




  • Candidates should be motivated to work in sales and be very proactive communicating with customers. It is important for them to have an interest in the things for sale (decoration articles, baby products, fashion, crafts, jewelry).
  • It is important to communicate with the management and to ensure a good and positive contact with suppliers. Qualities required: Be very organized (sales record, revenue management, registration and stock management), good communication skills, proactivity.