• Art Project 2012

Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping


Company Description

The German-Chilean company, settled in Santiago since 2010, engages in architectural and urban projects deeply connected to local environmental and cultural realities of Chile. They are always attempting to deliver design forms that can be consistent with current urban expansion processes. A relevant recent project is the master planning of a self-sufficient community near Tongoy Peninsula in the 4th region.


  • Design and development of digital and physical models for urban and architectural projects. Ideally the candidates should be capable to manage digital drawing software (CAD, Rhino, 3D StudioMax) or have experience in making accurate scale prototypes or models with different materials.
  • The company is looking for candidates with experience or interest in sustainability, an environmentally aware use of resources and efficient design solutions for the Chilean context, as well as the development of progressive architectural languages.


9:00 am - 6 pm (1 hour lunchbreak)


Depending on the experience and commitment of the intern, he will be payed the Chilean minimum wage




  • Preferably students in their last year of studies (22-25 years)
  • English-skills
  • Teamwork-skills, interest in creative development of design, architectural, and urban projects