Your Spanish knowledge

In most companies and institutions, a basic or advanced knowledge of the Spanish language is an indispensable requisite. Therefore, before or during the internship we arrange language courses in small groups or one-on-one, especially designed to fulfill your individual needs.

Are the internships paid?

Don't expect any salary doing an internship in Chile, unless you are highly qualified, and a company or institution is especially interested in your capacities. Bigger companies normally provide lunch and/or a transportation bonus, but rarely more than 200 USD per month.

Duration and Dates

The duration of the internship is up to you. We recommend three to six months in order to improve your chances to be accepted and to make your stay worthwile for both yourself and the company. Two months is the absolute minimum at most places.

Will I need a Visa for my time in Chile?

You only need a visa, if you have a paid job in Chile. If you attend a language course or you do an (unpaid) internship or you study in Chile, the bureaucratic and financial efforts to apply for a visa are not worth it. If you travel to Chile as tourist, you will receive a tourist card, which allows you to stay for 90 days. You could get a student visa, but you will not have any special advantages, except that you won't have to leave the country every 3 months.

The Tourist Card is easiest extended by leaving and re-entering the country (can be done on the same day). Many foreigners use this loophole to extend their stay in Chile by this procedure. However, it is not officially acknowledged by the law and there have been cases in which the border officials became suspicious the third or fourth time. They started asking uncomfortable questions and renewed the Tourist Card only for 30 days.

An official extension through a police station (without leaving the country) is only meant to be done once for another 90 days, and it has to be applied for one month before the card expires from the Extranjería Santiago or any Regional capital. The price is USD 100.00.

Are there any vaccination requirements in Chile?

You must be fully vaccinated against covid-19 (2 doses + 3rd booster dose). The vaccinations must be validated  on the portal (processing time of up to three weeks!). You can find more information on the current entry regulations here. Furthermore, you should make sure that your tetanus, diphterie and hepatits A vaccinations are up to date.

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