High School Year in Chile - Our Services

Host family

The host family that you will live with during your academic year or semester in Chile, is carefully selected by us. These are friendly, open families that will treat you like a family member. The host family can be a single parent, a couple with or without children, or a retired couple, with no restriction as to race, color, religion, economic status, or geographical location. We place our participants in small villages as well as in major cities.

Regardless of where you stay, you will be fully integrated into family life, immersed into a new language and culture, and become part of a school community, giving you the chance to experience your very own Chilean adventure.


As a foreign exchange student you can choose to attend a public or private school, where you may want to consider that private schools get better results at the qualification exams for university entrance. The choice will be made in agreement with your family and your host family.

The academic year starts in March and ends in December before Christmas; there are two weeks of vacation in July.

The Chilean school system has obligatory courses as well as electives. The subjects taught sometimes do not coincide with the credits you might need for your school in the U.S. Please keep this in mind; it is not negotiable.

Local support

Local English speaking mentors will be on hand to offer you advice and help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of them have lived abroad and know what you may need help with. We also organize monthly meetings with other high school students from abroad, so you can exchange experiences and meet new people.

The arrival

You will be picked up at the airport by your local mentor who will orient you, tell you a little about the country's characteristics and its people's idiosyncrasies and help you identify and understand the differences between the US and Chilean culture. The goal of this meeting is to facilitate your integration into a new way of living, culture, language and perception. The program rules, which you will need to follow during your stay, will be explained to you. After the meeting you will be picked up by your host family.

If you wish, you will start Spanish class the following Monday in order to be well prepared for the coming school days.