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Traditional neighbourhoods of Santiago: Barrio Brasil

Barrio Brasil is a neighbourhood located in the western sector of Santiago. It is certainly one of the most traditional residential areas of the capital. Walking its streets you can admire its architecture and patrimonial history which allows you to escape from this otherwise hectic and fast-paced city for an afternoon.

Chilean Music: National dances, Protest Songs and Crossover

As an active music consumer, self-proclaimed street musician, and busy concert-goer, I have observed the music culture of Chile since I arrived here. On my way through the jungle of auditive sensory perception, the following struck me right away: The music is omnipresent in this country!

comprar en Santiago

Where to shop in Santiago: a complete guide

Santiago is the place to do it. Whatever you’re looking for, Santiago most likely has an area dedicated to exactly that kind of item. But living in such a big city and with little prior knowledge of your neighborhood, it can be hard to know where to catch the best bargains, or which areas will give you the most choice. But don’t panic! We’re here to help. Simply read on and let us give you a run-down on where to find all your Santiago essentials, from food, to clothes, to gifts and beyond. Just don’t blame us when you check your bank account…

how to use a foreign phone in Chile

Chile Tips: How to Use My Foreign Phone in Chile

You just arrived to a brand new country (maybe a brand new continent!), and you’re ready to take on life in Santiago. Even though you’re super excited, there’s a LOT going on. A lot of admin to sort out, a lot of boxes to check on your to-do list, and so much to explore. It can be a little overwhelming. One thing’s for sure: you’re gonna need a working phone ASAP to help you get around.


El Dieciocho: How Chile celebrates September 18th

A national holiday means something different for everyone. For some a bank holiday means enjoying a long weekend, for others it is a day of get together and celebrations. A day where you meet family and friends, enjoy delicious food and a night sky lit by fireworks. In Chile, September 18th is such a day. September 18th is not just one day of celebrating, it’s a whole week! Or rather the whole September, to be honest. Chile really takes it up a notch.


Where to eat cheaply in Santiago

So you arrived in Santiago. You’re a little more settled in now – maybe you already climbed Cerro San Cristobal to check out the views, you’ve braved your first few metro and micro rides, and you’re settling in to life in the city. But what you really need to know about is – where’s good to eat?

Mirador Cóndores

Mirador Los Cóndores

This would have been a perfect destination for a daytrip in the surroundings of Santiago – if it wasn’t already very well known amongst tourists …

Parque Balmaceda

Parks in Santiago: 4 parks you must visit

Santiago may seem like just another bustling, metropolitan city, filled with skyscrapers, traffic and busy streets. But when you explore a little more, you’ll find that the city is full of little pockets of green – beautiful parks all over the city. When summer comes around and you’re dying to embrace the sunshine, there’s no need to leave Santiago to make the most of those long days.

People walking by in Barrio Lastarria

Barrios of Santiago: Barrio Lastarria

It’s a sunny Saturday in Santiago, and you decide not to leave the city. There is an immensity of neighborhoods to explore, but a special place for a Saturday afternoon walk is Barrio Lastarria.

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