Spanish Course Talca

Learning Spanish in Talca allows for:

  • Mountain hiking in one of the most beautiful hiking areas of Chile
  • Visiting traditional wineries in Valle del Maule, the cradle of wine growing
  • Relaxing in the swimming pool in the wonderful guesthouse

The school we work with offers:

  • Flexible hours, private classes
  • Systematic exercises, which facilitate travel around Chile and other Spanish speaking countries


15 TU/weekPrivate classes (1-3 persons)Group classes (minimum 2 persons)
With accommodation in a four bed room403 USD378 USD
With accommodation in a double room 513 USD488 USD
With accommodation in a one bed room 757 USD732 USD

The school at a glance

LocationPerfectly outside of the city
Average number of students in attendance1
Minutes per teaching unit45
Average age of teachers40
Lodging alternatives Guest house

Recreational Program

  • Daily excursions:
    Wineries and colonial villages, rafting on the Maule river, narrow gorges and seven waterfalls in the green virgin forest of the Siete Tazas national park
  • 4 day tour in central Chile for beginners:
    Hiking or horseback riding in the Altos de Licray national park, visits to the wineries, excursion to Constitución via the historic train, dunes in Putú
  • Lamalodge in Melado valley:
    Hot springs, which have their source in snow covered volcanoes, glaciers and hidden lagoons… Escape from civilization and enjoy yourself in a comfortable mountain shelter

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